Cart32 is able to integrate with FedEx to pull in Real Time Shipping Rates to provide to your customers. This allows them to know a pretty close estimate of what their shipping costs will be during the checkout process. To set up your FedEx account with Cart32, you will need seven pieces of information:

  • The state from which you are shipping from
  • The zip code from which you are shipping from
  • The country you are shipping from
  • FedEx account number
  • FedEx meter number
  • FedEx authorization key
  • FedEx production password

You can find instructions on how to obtain this information here.

If you want to offer your customers shipping rates from FedEx, then you will need to sign up for an account with them. Having an account with FedEx gives you the following benefits:

  • Save up to 16% on eligible FedEx Express® U.S.and international services.
  • Save up to 8% on eligible FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery® services.
  • Save 60% on eligible FedEx Freight® services.

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