Mastercard MasterPass

Cart32 has been working closely with MasterCard Worldwide to be one of the first service providers able to offer MasterCard’s MasterPass™ Online to its clients. Consumers can checkout using MasterPass Online by clicking the “Buy with MasterPass” button to access any MasterPass-enabled wallet – including MasterPass Wallet by MasterCard (hero and white labeled versions) and, coming soon, any wallet integrated into the MasterPass Acceptance Network.

With MasterPass Wallet by MasterCard, consumers get a simple, safe, and convenient shopping experience online. A consumer sets up an account once and they can store all of their card information—MasterCard cards as well as Discover, Visa and American Express cards —along with their billing and shipping information in a single secure virtual online “wallet”. When a consumer shops on a site that displays the “Buy with MasterPass” acceptance mark, they know that with a single sign on they can complete that transaction without the hassle of having to go get their card out of their wallet or typing in their card number and billing and shipping information.

MasterCard also takes security and fraud very seriously and they want to make sure these online transactions are safe for a merchant to accept, so they have added extra layers of security into the consumer sign up process. For example, MasterCard asks for and validates the CVV or CVC2 code when a cardholder sets up their account, which means a merchant doesn’t have to. Not having to ask for the CVV or CVC2 code speeds up the transaction and lowers consumer frustration, which can lead to a higher conversion rate. And more completed transactions are good news for everyone.

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