Cart32 has upgraded our integration with Quickbooks to highlight their web connector tool. Now, at the time of an order, you can have Cart32 automatically generate a Quickbooks export file for it to be imported into your Quickbooks account through the use of their Web Connector system.

This streamlines the Cart32 Quickbooks integration, which previously had you export and import the Quickbooks file for an order manually. Now, after going through a few basic set up instructions, you can automate this process to save you time in managing your online store.

Already have Quickbooks set up for your business? Get the Cart32 Add On for your site by going to Add Ons > Quickbooks within your cart administration. Hosted accounts automatically get this for free, so contact us at support@cart32.com for more information!

Need help setting it up? Follow the steps in the this setup guide and start importing your Cart32 online shopping cart orders into Quickbooks today!

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