Adding the Facebook “Like” Button to Your Ecommerce Site

Are you looking to get a bit more traffic to your website by having customers show their friends your website? Or maybe looking to have a way for other customers to rate your website? Well you can add a Facebook like button pretty easy. This is going to drive more customers to your website. How you might ask? Well, when a user clicks on the “like” button, it automatically puts a news story on their Facebook page.


If you are a user of Facebook, you are familiar with the news feed. A story headline will pop up on their newsfeed. This can help your traffic by having their friends, who probably like the same stuff as them, to go to your website. Odds are they are going to hit the like button as well, which in turn, will show all of their friends as well. It’s like an exponential growth. Now, why would you not want something like that on your website? It’s basically free advertising. Facebook is so popular nowadays, you might as well do it with how simple it is to add to your website


To just have the simple “like” button on your website, it just takes a bit of coding adding to your html. You will just be adding a simple iframe. Well now you’re probably wondering what the code is, well here it is:



      <title>My Great Web page</title>



       <iframe src=””

        scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ style=”border:none; width:450px; height:80px”></iframe>



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