Benefits to Real Time Card Processing

I am not sure about you, but for me it is hard to find a single dollar in my wallet.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not because I don’t have any – I just use my debit card for everything!  The only time I have cash is when we go to the “cheap movie theater” (their only payment type is cash) or someone gives me money…  Thinking back about 10 years I would have always had cash on me, but when I opened a new checking account it came with a debit card.  I quickly became dependant on using my debit card for everything! 

 The benefit to paying with debit/credit cards gives us an instant notification if the charge was accepted or declined, then it automatically deducts the purchase from our checking account or charges to my credit card account, which I can see instantly online.  Using credit/debit cards to make purchases gives us an instant response to our action.


When thinking about ecommerce businesses it is important for us to be able to give our customers the same instant notification regarding their online transaction.  We can do this by setting up real time card processing.  Real Time Card Processing (RTCP) is possible by setting up a payment gateway for all of your online transaction to process through.  This will allow your customers to know within seconds if their card has been accepted or declined.


Here are the FIVE TOP REASONS why you should use Real Time Card Processing on your Ecommerce site:

1.) Instant results presented to your customers (Approved/Denied)

2.) Saves you time – you no longer have to spend your time punching in credit card numbers

3.) Gives you the option to Authorize, Capture, or Authorization and Capture at the time of purchase

4.) AVS and CVV2 information is checked immediately

5.) Can save you money – depending on how you currently process your transactions


We now live in a society that is dependent upon receiving the answer NOW, so with your online business it is important to be able to process credit/debit card transactions in real time.  This will give your customer the instant notification that they want and it will give you the ability to focus on other aspects of your business. 

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