Campaign Calendar on your Ecommerce Site

marketing calendar for your ecommerce site

With the holidays just around the corner it is time to start thinking about what type of promotions you will be running this season.  A great way to get your promotions organized is to set-up a campaign calendar.  The campaign calendar will be the central hub for you and your employees to refer to during the holiday season.  Here are some tips and ideas on how to create a campaign calendar:


Email, Facebook, Twitter, OH MY!:
It is ok for your company to have different promotions for different marketing mediums.  A great way to see your return on advertising is to give specialized discount codes for each marketing medium.  For instance, if you are running 20% off of a purchase you could have a discount code for your Email subscribers, such as Email20.  For Facebook followers it could be Face20, and so on.  Using specialized codes will allow you to track how well your promotions are performing in that marketing space.


Have an OUTRAGOUS deal one day (or more!):
Everyone loves a steal of a deal, so why not create an opportunity for your business.  Throughout the holiday season make it a point to give an OUTRAGOUS deal to your clientele.  Pick an item for a certain time period and lower the price – I am talking slash – around 50% or more!  This will bring shoppers to your site and hopefully generate a lot of business.  I know when I buy something at a great deal I always throw in a little something special, simply because I saved so much money!


Make the calendar available to your employees:
Employees need to know what is going on during the holiday season.  It is a busy time for all, so having the information readily available will give them the ability to answer questions quickly and correctly.  A great way to create a campaign calendar is to put it online.  If you use Google Apps for your email provider you can share a calendar with your employees.  You can also use an “old fashion” paper calendar and post it in your facility.


Start Early!:
Now is the time to start thinking through your campaign calendar.  Your mind is clear and the craziness of the holiday season hasn’t rushed over you.  The calendar does not mean the promotion is set in stone – it can be changed.  The calendar does, however, give you a game plan for the holiday season.


Happy Planning!  And not to freak you out, but there are only 93 shopping days left til the BIG DAY!

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