Cart32 VirtueMart Solution for your Ecommerce Site

cart32 virtuemart solution for your ecommerce siteYou may have heard of the plug-in for Joomla! called VirtueMart before, but previously it hasn’t worked with Cart32. Well, in the near future this is going to change. Cart32 users who also use Joomla! will now be able to manage all of their cart functions as well as their products in Joomla! administration.

So what exactly is VirtueMart you may be asking? VirtueMart is just one of many plug-ins that you can get for Joomla! It was designed for ecommerce websites. The VirtueMart Control Panel includes many tiles to help manage your site. The layout is a nice sleek design. It’s easy to navigate to where you want to be. 


At first glance, the VirtueMart might be a bit more difficult than the Cart32 store manager, but after playing around with the administration, you will quickly get the hang of how things work. I’m sure you will end up liking how VirtueMart has been made. With the combination of VirtuMart and Cart32, this will just give you more options on how you want to run your site. Flexibility is key to running your own business. 


Stay tuned for more information on when VirtueMart may be released for Cart32 users. 

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