Changes to USPS and its Effect on your Ecommerce Site

Changes to USPS and its Effect on your Ecommerce SiteWell, it’s official the United State Postal Services is moving to a five day a week delivery schedule starting the week of August 5, 2013. As we all know, the Postal Service has been hemorrhaging money for a few years now. It lost a total of $16 billion for the 2012 fiscal year. So in an attempt to get the agency back on its feet they will be stopping Saturday delivery of mail. This comes with a few caveats but it is time to think how this will affect your business when this change goes into place.

With this new delivery schedule the Postal Service will deliver First Class mail Monday through Friday, and deliver packages Monday through Saturday. This is good news for eCommerce businesses as most are in the business of shipping packages to their customers. And that is the reason the Postal Service kept package delivery on a six day a week schedule. They had a 14% increase of package deliveries last year and expect this number to continue to increase.

On the other hand if your business does rely on First Class mail for anything, you will have to take into consideration that that type of mail will no longer be delivered on Saturday to residential customers. Post Offices will still be open on Saturdays as well as PO Boxes will still receive mail.

Like I said at the beginning, these changes won’t go into effect until the week of August 15, 2013. With that said, you have plenty of time to see what steps you need to take for your business to fit in with the new USPS schedule.

For more information on this change and also to see what else the USPS is trying to do to get itself back in the black, check out this video.

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