Client Spotlight: 24 Double Bar

 24 Double Bar started selling custom jewelry, clothing, and home décor in 2003. Traci and her team would travel around Washington State selling their products at local rodeos and fairs. As their business grew they decided it was time to enter into the world of eCommerce. Traci wanted a solution that would be able to merge her traveling business and the eCommerce business into one product. 


Cart32 was able to provide Traci with a shopping cart solution and also a merchant services account that integrate into her Cart32 Administration. Since Traci is an “on-the-go” merchant she needed the ability to process credit cards anywhere. So, Cart32 was able to provide her with an iPhone solution that will allow her to process credit card transactions where ever she has service.


What is your favorite function of Cart32?
Being able to process transactions through my iPhone! Before switching to Cart32 we processed our transactions through a Virtual Terminal. It would take us around 7 minutes to process one transaction. Now we are down to 35 seconds per transaction!


How have customers perceived processing transactions through your iPhone?
Most of my customers actually really like the iPhone adapter. With the brand recognition of Apple, customers relate quality, reliability and safety when I use my phone versus a computer for input and authorization. I have never had a customer decline to use their card upon seeing my iPhone.


How do you provide your customers with a receipt to their purchase?
Within the iPhone application, prior to submitting the charge, it asks whether you wish to email them the receipt so there is no extra paper processing, which is a huge relief to me to have that.


Why does Cart32 works for you?
I pride myself on my customer service, which Cart32 does as well. Cart32 has made my customers checkout experience one of efficiency, reliability and speed.


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