Client Spotlight: Clay King

Clay King opened their first store in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1973.  Their product line consisted of art material and craft supplies.  Over the next 25 years they expanded and opened two additional brick and mortar stores in upstate South Carolina.  In 2002 they began the process of opening an online store.  They started their online store out small, only selling a limited selection of products.  Since they were new to the world of eCommerce they opted to try out an open source shopping cart solution.


Within two years of their online store opening, they needed to find a shopping cart solution that would be able to satisfy their current demand and also grow with them along the process.  After researching multiple cart options decided to join forces with Cart32. 


Why did you choose Cart32?
“We decided on Cart32 because of their knowledge and willingness to help in our conversion of Cartit. The rest is history and we are very satisfied with Cart32. It meets all of our needs.”


As most online business owners know, shipping can make or break a sale.  One of Clay-Kings favorite features about Cart32 is the ability to customize your own shipping. “With the help of Cart32, we were able to come up with a complete solution to our shipping costs as calculated by Cart32. We are now able to let all of our customers know the actual shipping costs prior to checkout. NO GUESSING.  NO ESTIMATES.  NO HASSLES.”


Clay-King also takes advantage of Cart32’s Merchant Services. 


How has using Cart32’s Merchant Services affected your business?
“Having Cart32 handle all of our credit card transactions on our website frees us from having to run the card manually and also clears us from any PCI compliance problems as we never see the customer’s credit card. This all saves time and money.”

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