Client Spotlight: Health Care Supply Pros

In 2009 Healthcare Supply Pros entered into the world of ecommerce with the launch of their website  This company is dedicated to supplying the medical community with their daily supplies.  HSP has a large variety of products that range from rubber gloves to diagnostic equipment to surgical tools and everything in between.  In the past two years, this start up company has blossomed into a large supplier of medical equipment for doctors, nurses, and at home care givers. 


The owners of Health Care Supply Pros, Zeeshan Rahim and Abdul Karim, started the business out small.  They kept their overhead low by only offering their checkout system through PayPal.  As the business began to grow they decided that it was time to look for an alternative solution for their shopping cart needs.  Rahim is a gifted website designer, so he was not interested in having his website designed by someone else.  Rahim utilized the Form Wizard feature that Cart32 has to implement the Cart32 shopping cart software into his current website.  I talked recently with Health Care Supply Pros to see what improvements have occurred since switching to our software:


How has implementing Cart32 improved your day to day business?

  1. Page load time improved
  2. We’re now able to accept more methods of payment.
  3. Seamless integration; improved branding, builds trust
  4. Allowed us to offer discount codes and tiered pricing
  5. Consolidated order processing for credit card, PayPal, and Google Checkout orders.


Health Care Supply Pros has dedicated PayPal clients.  When looking for a shopping cart solution they needed something that would accommodate their current clientele, but also give them the option to accept payments directly on their website.  Cart32 has an integrated gateway that allows you to manage all of your transactions from the Cart32 Administration. 


How has integrating Cart32 and our Merchant Services to your site improved your business? 

Cart32 along with Gateway32 allowed us to accept credit cards and Google Checkout as alternate modes of payment. Customers not familiar with PayPal are much more comfortable doing business with us. We spend less time on the phone walking customers through the checkout process, we get a better rate than any other merchant services provider, processing times are cut down by at least 2 business days, the amount gets deposited directly to our bank account, and everything can be managed from a single user interface.


Lastly, we talked about their favorite things about Cart32:


Favorite Things about Cart32:

  1. Form Wizard
  2. Customizable Templates
  3. Google Checkout and PayPal integration
  4. Scalable Platform
  5. Great Customer Support
  6. Excellent Knowledge Base

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