Common Coupons for your Ecommerce Site

Coupon. This has become an everyday word in my vocabulary. I love purchasing items with coupons, as my dad always said, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.” Now, I did not understand this concept when I was younger because money grew on trees, right? Since I’ve had to make my own financial decisions, it is my personal goal to never pay full price. Being a small online business owner, it’s important to get into the game of coupons. Customers don’t demand coupons, however it is an easy way to get customers to purchase from your website.


I have received a lot of questions asking what type of coupons clients should use. This is completely up to you. Of course you want to offer a good deal, but make sure you aren’t breaking the bank! Personally my favorite coupons are: 


$10.00 of a $30.00 purchase
When this deal is available I always take it! $20.00 is right in that area of mine where it doesn’t bother me to fork out the cash; however, with this deal I am getting $30.00 worth of something for only $20.00! So the store is basically giving me $10.00 to spend! What’s better than free money!? Click here to see how to set up coupons in Cart32!


Buy One Get One Free

I love a Buy One Get One (or BOGO, for short) sale! I tend to spend more on a BOGO sale than I do on any other sales just because it is a great deal! If you haven’t done the math a buy one get one free sale is 50% off! Or you can think of it as two for the price of one! I cannot think of any reason to turn down this option – it is just too good! Click here to see how to set up BOGO discounts in Cart32!


20% off of one item
This coupon works best for me when I don’t want to think about numbers… I do not have to calculate how much I have spent and then scour the store to find the one item they have for a $1.00 because I am at $29.50 and I need to be at $30.00. This coupon is just simple and takes minimal effort on the customer. There is no fine print to read – this coupon is like Old Faithful.


My biggest suggestion to online retailers that want to offer discounts to their customers – make use of coupon codes! Don’t be shy, do some of your own A B Testing to see what works and what doesn’t. Send an email to half of your customers with one coupon and compare it to a coupon you’ve sent to the other half of your customers to see which coupons produce the most sales. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself, “What coupons would I be more likely to use?” There’s no harm in trying it out! 

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