Common SEO Mistakes Made by Ecommerce Sites

 Optimizing search engines can be difficult. Even webmasters can make mistakes and as time goes on it only gets more difficult to correct them. But it’s ok, don’t worry, there are many forms of information out there that can help you out with this. Below, I’ve listed some of the more common mistakes ecommerce sites have made in regards to SEO. 


Duplicate Content
Search engines have really come down hard on duplicate content. They want to bring the best information that is actually useful to users. So, to really rise up on the rankings it needs to be your own work and have unique content. 


Not Researching Keywords
Keywords are the biggest part about utilizing a search engine. Don’t just assume you know what keywords to use because this could lead to missed opportunities. The keywords need to be related to the content on your website. Also, you need to keep in mind what words people may search.  You can use Google Trends or Google Insights for help deciding what keywords are being searched in your industry.


Improper Usage of Title Tag
The title tag is used to figure out the relevancy of your website. The title tag should have your most important keywords included. You will want to put the more important keywords towards the front of the title tag. You may put your company name here as well, but put that at the end of the tag.


Poor Website
You can do everything that I have said above but if the website is poorly constructed then your viewers will not stay long. This will drop you down on the search engine rankings. Be sure to have quality links and a website that is easy to navigate. And of course, it has to be easy on the eyes!


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