Content Management Systems with Online Shopping Carts

WordPress (2003) and Joomla! (2005) have changed the way websites are designed. Prior to these open source template solutions websites were most commonly designed by developers, which could be a pretty large expense. With these inventions it is extremely easy for new ecommerce businesses to pop-up with a professional looking website in no time. 


What I like most about a template option is the ability to see what your website will look like and how it functions before you even pay a dime. I am horrible at visualizing anything, so for me having the option to see everything before hand is wonderful.


We receive phones calls each and every week from potential clients who are using an open source template solution and wondering if they can use Cart32’s services with their template – the answer is YES! Cart32 is able to be implemented into any template as long as you can input HTML. (Don’t be scared, we have an easy to use form wizard that will make generating HTML simple!) We have discussed on our blog a time or two about the importance of a PCI compliant shopping cart, but one thing that we haven’t discussed is the importance of using a shopping cart that provides you with support.


We receive phone calls from so many clients who tell us that they have a shopping cart services through Blah Company and they cannot get a hold of anyone to fix their issue. Sometimes the issue can be crippling like you can’t process credit cards, there is an error on a checkout page, or something even worse. When using an open source shopping cart solution it is up to you to find the solution to your question on your own. This could take you hours or even days to find the right fix; which could end up costing you not only time, but money through lost sales.


One of the best options is to find a template that you like and implement it with a well supported shopping cart (like Cart32 J). Most of these services will cost a monthly or annual fee. However, paying around $50.00 per month to run your business isn’t so bad when compared to paying rent or paying a developer to build your website, right?


So for all of you who need your website updated or are starting a new ecommerce site, take a look at some Joomla! or WordPress templates and use Cart32 as your shopping cart solution and receive support from our excellent support staff! 


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