Countdown to the Holiday Ecommerce Season

Man, it just seems like a few weeks ago I was writing articles to prepare you for the 2010 Holiday Season… And now I am giving you the first holiday countdown for 2011!

We have…

58 days ‘til Cyber Monday!
85 days ‘til Christmas!


Doesn’t seem possible does it? Earlier this year our blog celebrated Christmas in July! We provided some great articles to get you ready for the holiday season. Here are a few of the most popular articles from that segment:


When thinking about the Holiday Season I am sure it gives some of you heartburn, possibly a migraine, and some of you may just hear the sound of money rolling in. Either way it is good to be prepared, so here are some tips about the holiday season from me to you:


Make a plan NOW about your holiday season approach. Don’t put it off until next week because even though we have 86 days ‘til Christmas we only have 12 Mondays until that day sneaks up on us. Here are few ideas to start thinking about…

  • Think about shipping and how you plan on handling shipping during the holiday season.  Are you going to give free shipping over a certain dollar amount? Are you going to provide free shipping on Ground delivery?
  • Will you provide gift wrapping and if so how much will you charge to wrap the gift?
  • Is there a date that you will no longer guarantee delivery before Christmas?


People love deals and so you need to be prepared to offer your customers some type of discount during the Holiday season. You can setup discount codes in Cart32 based on start and end dates. You can go ahead and get the discounts setup, so you don’t have to worry about it later when you are crazy busy with all of your orders! You can even go a step further and get your email marketing pieces designed and ready to send out to your clients. If you use Constant Contact you have the ability to set the date for the email to be published.

Think of a clever way to thank each and every one of your customers during the holiday season. You can send a personal thank you card, your favorite holiday recipe, or a discount code for their next purchase.


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