Developing a User Friendly Ecommerce Site

There are many ways for you to develop your site to meet your business’s needs. However, as we’ve said before about the Importance of Customer Feedback, not only do you need to build your site with your business in mind, you need to build it with the customer in mind as well. It is extremely important to build and update a user friendly ecommerce website so that it is easy for your customers to find, purchase, and hopefully, return to your site.


Cart32 has an amazing team of developers that will help you customize and build a user friendly ecommerce website. Since we have such an amazing team, I thought, “Who better to relay information on developing user friendly sites than the ones who handle our custom website development requests!?” So I asked one of our developers, Beau Brown, for some suggestions he had to make your site more user friendly, and this is what he had to say:

  • Proper Form* Elements (checkbox, radio button, drop down, etc.)
    Make sure the site isn’t cluttered with too much content. Don’t use a dozen check boxes when you can utilize a drop down list.
  • Create the Appropriate Number of Products with the Appropriate Form* Elements
    Don’t create a bunch of different product pages when the only thing different about each is the color. It looks better, and is easier to purchase from a site that has one product page with a drop down for color, size, etc.
  • Have Form* Validation where Applicable
    If a product has a color, size, and font type option, ensure that the user makes a selection for each. If not, you can use some form of custom development to inform the customer that they forgot to select an option for a required field.
  • Utilize User Accounts when dealing with Returning Customers
    Having user registration streamlines the checkout process for those customers that regularly shop your site. Cart32’s software already includes a user management system built in and the “user area” template files can be very useful to customers. Check out our YouTube video that details setting up User Registration on your Ecommerce Site.

*Form refers to user input on your pages. Ex: Filling out billing information


With all that in mind, you can start to build your site to be the most easy to use ecommerce site out there. If you get stuck, click the link below to check out our custom website development option where one of our developers will help you customize your site!

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