Developing a Client Relationship on your Ecommerce Site

There are millions of online retailers on the web.  More than likely there is a website out there that sells the same products that you do or they provide the same kind of service that you provide.  However, there is a difference between you and your competitor… and that would be YOU!  When you are selling products online you are not only selling your products, you are also selling yourself and the company you are building.


A great way for customers to get to know your business is to provide them information regarding your company and about yourself.  Here are few suggestions that you could implement for customers to get to know you and your company a little better:


About Us
The About Us page is a great resource for your potential customers to get insight about your company and yourself.  One of our clients, has a very personalized About Us page. Wendy talks about her family, why she does what she does, and the goal of her website.


Frequently Asked Questions
A great way to provide answers to some of your common questions is to provide a Frequently Asked Questions section. is a client of ours and they address the following topics in their FAQ:

  • Shipping Rates
  • Expediting an Order
  • Shipping Information


You can elaborate more on this section and also talk about your return policy and any other questions your customers may have.


Not only are you the source to purchase an item, but you are also a great wealth of knowledge for this product.  One of our clients is Kids Travel Zone.  Their main focus is to provide luggage for children.  So, on their website they have a section dedicated to travel advice when packing for children.  This is such a great way to connect with their customers! 


Personalization is the key to any successful business.  Make sure you take time to thank your customers.  When you are starting out it could be a personalized email to each of your customers.  As your business continues to grow you could come up with creative ways to implement follow-up with customers.  This could be a note inside their order, a special discount code sent by email, or your favorite recipe during the holiday season. 


Be creative. You’re selling an image of the company as well as a product. Be sure the customer likes both.

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