Dimensional Weight for your Online Shopping Cart

 Calculating shipping is a huge part of running your business. You don’t want your shipping prices to be off or obviously you will lose money or overcharge your customer. At times, it can be complicated to try and figure out how to get the exact amount, especially with bulky boxes that only weigh a few pounds. That’s alright, I am about to show you how to calculate dimensional shipping through the online shopping cart. 


For starters you will need to figure out that actual weight of the product. If it is a letter, anything over eight ounces will be billed by weight. If it is less than eight ounces then it will be billed by the letter rate. So, if it’s not a letter less than eight ounces then you will need to round the package up to the nearest pound.


Next, you will need to find the dimensional weight. Here you will measure the height, width, and length, all in inches. Once you have this all three measurements, you will need to multiply them together. For instance, if the height, width, and length were all ten inches, your calculation should be 10x10x10 = 1000. You now have the area in cubic inches.


Lastly you will need to determine the billable weight. To find this, simply divide your cubic inches that you determined earlier by 166. This gives you your dimensional weight, and whichever amount is greater (dimensional vs. actual) is the weight the shipping company will use. Now you know how to calculate your billable weight and should have no worries or problems when charging shipping! For more information on dimensional weight, click here.


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