eCommerce and International Holidays

When we think of the Holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas instantly come to mind.  With these Holidays comes an influx in sales to both brick and mortar and eCommerce stores.  We’ve talked about it before and many eCommerce sites have a great understanding of the holiday mentality for the United States.  However, how well do you understand International holidays?  If you compete in an International market, which most eCommerce sites do, you might want to take a look at the global holiday cycles.  Below you will find three International holidays for eCommerce sites to keep in mind.

Valentine’s Day

Many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. However, other countries have holidays similar to Valentine’s Day, but are on different days with different traditions.  For example, in Japan, on the 14th of February the women give their Valentine a box of chocolates.  One month later, the men return the favor and give their sweetheart a box of white chocolates on White Day.  If you specialize in selling chocolates, this piece of information can help you capitalize on their traditions and turn March into a success by advertising White Day.

Summer Bonus Season (Japan)

In Japan, the summer is when big firms give out bonuses to their employees.  This sudden influx of money, obviously, spurs more spending.  Even in this economic climate that we are in right now, there is a noticeable increase in sales during this time.  So, if you do a lot of International business in Japan, do some digging and figure out when these bonuses start rolling out and start promoting.

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is based off the Lunar Calendar so the date changes from year to year.  The weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year are what prompt an increase in spending and sales that you would want to focus on if China is a major market for your business.  Keep in mind, with the Chinese New Year many businesses shut down for the actual day, so you should focus your promotions on advanced sales to ensure arrival of the product in time.

What you need to take away from this is that there are many other occasions outside of US Holidays that may help you increase your sales.  Take a moment and see where your sales come from.  If you find that your international sales are all coming from a particular country, do some research and see what their Holiday cycle is like and promote accordingly.

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