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Well, the holiday shopping season must be wrapping up because I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday and some of the fellas that I work with are talking about starting their Christmas shopping. As an online retail business you might be thinking about kicking back and relaxing since your busy season is over. However, this is the best time to review your website and see what improvements can be made for the 2012 Holiday Season.  


I know, I know… you probably haven’t even sent the last over night package yet and I am already talking about the 2012 Holiday Season. Most websites receive an influx of traffic during the November and December months. With more traffic comes more customers and potentially more questions. Once you have wrapped up the 2011 Holiday Season it is a great time to reflect on how your website and checkout process performed. Take time to review any and all feedback you received from your customers. Take into consideration the rants and raves that you received from customers. Some companies have the stance of if the raves outweigh the rants, then everything is ok. While this does seem like a logical rule of thumb, the rants that you receive give you insight as to where your business can improve. 


This is also a good time for you to compare your website to your competitors. Although we were all taught to “not judge a book by its cover,” this does not translate into the ecommerce world. Websites that look old and outdated are at risk to losing customers to competitors that have an updated look. Website development has changed from developing websites from scratch to using templates. The best thing about templates is their price point. You can have a new, update website in a matter of weeks for a fraction the cost of what development would have cost five to ten years ago.


We highly encourage you to make a list of what improvements you feel your website needs. From that list you can prioritize what is most important to the least important. Once you have a plan for what you would like to be done on your website you can contact our development department about your project. Depending on your needs and financial budget Cart32 has two great development options for you:


Development Option #1: Paid Development
Cart32 has an experienced development team that can help implement any of your wildest dreams into your website, while using Cart32. Our team can build upon your current website or they can help you integrate a new website. If you are interested in discussing development options with our development team click the link below to fill out a request form.



Development Option #2: Joomla or WordPress Plug-in
Joomla and WordPress are open source template providers. So if you are in a DIY (Do-it-yourself) mood you can download the Cart32 plug-in for Joomla or WordPress and start developing a new website on your own. Click here to learn more about Joomla and WordPress.

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