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 I recently read an article written by Armando Roggio that focused on Zappos.com and their customer service policy. I had heard that Zappos.com has great customer service, but I never took the time to actually do some research to see what all of the fuss was about I took some time out of my day to actually research Zappos.com to see what they do and how they do it. 

 There is no doubt in my mind that Zappos.com is anything less than amazing. Their customer reviews are through the roof, they provide awesome support to their customers, and going above and beyond does not even begin to describe what Zappos.com does to satisfy their customers. After reading article after article about them, I kept going back to the article written by Armando Roggio with Practical Ecommerce. He simply explained five basic principals that every ecommerce company should implement when developing their Customer Service strategy. 


Here are the five key factors developed by Mr. Roggio:

  1. Lightning Fast Responses
    “Define what lighting fast response means in your company — perhaps five minutes or less — and track your response times. You want to get back to every customer before that customer starts wondering what’s going on.”
  2. Never Argue About Returns
    “Zappos has a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed return policy. The company will never fuss about any return. In fact, Zappos actually encourages customers to order several products, check them out, and return what they don’t want.”
  3. Treat Good Customers Well
    “…Zappos often upgrades good customers to next day or second day air shipping from standard ground shipping. This policy encourages customers and rewards those customers that frequently shop your store. You might also consider offering coupons or other bonuses to your best customers.”
  4. Expect Problems, Be a Solution
    “…expect problems. Remember, you’re selling products via mail, often on images alone. Lots of things could go wrong, from shipping problems to the customer ordering the wrong size.”
  5. Treat Customers like Individuals
    “…learn to treat every customer like an individual with a unique story, challenge or problem.”


Overall, this article explains five great aspects to have when developing your Customer Support strategy. Implementing one or all of these principals is a great idea for any ecommerce company. As an online retailer, it is very important to connect with your customer base. Using these steps as a guideline will help you succeed in maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers.


To read this article in it’s entirety, please click here.


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