Ecommerce Social Media Tips for the Holidays

 The holidays are here and for many retailers this is great news. It’s the time of the year when sales for many are at their highest. Although this time of year is often very profitable, it doesn’t mean you should ease back on marketing and social media efforts. Below are some tips to enhance your holiday month’s sales through social media. 


  • Establish Goodwill
    This time of year is not only profitable for businesses but it also some of the most successful months for non-profits. Working together with a nonprofit of your choosing to do good for others can also establish goodwill and provide exposure. You can donate a portion of your sales, dedicate some of your staff for volunteer service, or create a unique service opportunity of your choosing. You can showcase your efforts and build interesting stories related to your business through your various social media platforms.
  • Add a Little Cheer
    Hopefully in your social media efforts you are using quality images and photos to capture the attention of your fans and customers. If not, you certainly should be and it’s this time of year that lets you add a little holiday spice to these items. Place your products under the Christmas tree or add a little snow to your photo. Whatever you decide, keep it fun and festive with a little holiday cheer. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy the holidays, spread your “Bah Humbug”. Most folks will appreciate the honesty as long you are keeping it fun and lighthearted.
  • Give Gifts
    Everyone appreciates a treat and you will be surprised how much impact just a little extra can have. If you are an exclusively online business you can stick a candy cane or other little creative gifts into your orders. Even if people don’t particularly enjoy the treats they will certainly appreciate the gesture. These treats could also be branded inexpensively and combined with a call to action to encourage traffic to your website and social channels.


It is important to not abruptly stop a solid marketing campaign or charitable initiative your organization is running just because your belly and bank account are full. Not only does it halt an important charitable mission, but because it shows that you’re willing to drop something important to capitalize on a seasonal trend. As always, consistent and honest engagement is what will keep folks returning to your businesses platforms and eventually lead to sales.


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