Enhancing your Email Marketing for your Ecommerce Site

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business. It is important to understand how an email campaign works and what you should think about when starting your campaign. I recently read a white paper written by Bronto titled “7 Email Marketing Refreshes.” The white paper is full of great information for businesses looking to start or refresh their email marketing tactics. I have listed the 7 steps below, along with a small excerpt from each subject. If you are interested in reading the whole article, click here.  


Tip #1: Subject Lines, and Alt Tags

  • Subject Lines: “The subject line is the first and possibly the only introduction to your campaign that your subscribers may ever see. Take the time and effort to create a truly relevant, engaging subject line that entices subscribers to open.”
  • Alt Tags: “An alt tag is the text content that appears when a subscriber’s email client doesn’t render images. For those online retailers who create their html as image slices (and there are plenty of you out there), be certain to include the alt tags. This simple email tool can entice subscribers to open and click with a savvy text call to action without a single image displayed.”

Tip #2: List Growth
It’s also important to emphasize the word “opt-in” when discussing list growth. The benefits of growing your list organically are very clear: higher retention rate, more engaged audience, more profitability and a strong and stable sender reputation. The reality is that if someone has requested to receive communications from you, they are much more likely to interact with your email campaigns and ultimately convert.


Tip #3: Design Impact
The design of your email templates may have more impact than you realize. If you are creating an all image html campaign, chances are many of your subscribers may not see it… consider using a reasonable text to image ratio. Text is every email marketer’s friend, always pepper text elements throughout your email templates.


Tip #4: Relevance
According to eMarketer, “44% of marketers surveyed believe the biggest challenge in email is providing relevant content.” Delivering your email campaign to the right person, with the right message, at the right time is critical to your overall email marketing success.


Tip #5 Interactive Elements
Using strategies that incorporate engaging elements such as share with your network (SWYN), videos, polls, and conversion paths allow you to enhance your email marketing program with components that encourage the subscriber to interact.


Tip #6: Analytics
You need the ability to take your email marketing/web analytics integration beyond traffic analysis in an effort to gather specific data in real-time on your prospects and customers. Having access to this data will enable you to build true relationship email marketing.


Tip #7: Automation
Trigger based email marketing is extremely effective because it provides a one-to-one touch based on the relationship between you and your subscriber. To be successful though, you must be certain to define your business rules, set frequency limits and remember the importance of decency.


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