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One of the most used but often criticized features on Facebook is a “Like Gate.” A like gate shows one set of content to people who already like your page and different content to those who do not yet like your page.  It is a great way to increase the number of people liking your page, but catches criticism for not acquiring those likes in a genuine manner.  No matter how you feel about the feature it is easy to set up and can be an effective way to offer exclusive specials on Facebook.


One of the easiest applications we’ve found to use in setting this up is the Wildfire IFrame App. You can add it to your page by going here.  Once you’ve added it to your page you can simply click the tab on the left side and then click Edit Settings.

The backend of your Wildfire IFrame App should look much like the image shown.  At the top it will allow you to toggle on and off the Fan Gate (Like Gate, Reveal Gate) option. Below that it will allow for you to insert either custom HTML or a custom image to be shown. Again, you can choose to have different content for fans and non-fans.


We suggest using this application to offer exclusive deals to fans of your page. You could offer discount codes and links to exclusive specials you have running.


You can easily create an image enticing and informing customers that they will be able to receive great deals and offers only available on your page after “liking” it.  Some tips for designing your like gate:

  • Make it clear that liking the page will provide special offers or other information your audience is interested
  • Avoid gimmicks and remain authentic
  • Set up some form of metric and analyze what is working
  • Avoid desperation for a user  to “like” your page


Our friends at HubSpot have some great examples of businesses using a like gate. Currently the WildFire IFrame app does not allow for form code within it. There are other applications that will let you use form code on Facebook and you can even create your own, but we hope to develop our own Facebook application in 2012 that will combine both a like gate and allow you sell products through Facebook.


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