Facebook Tips for your Ecommerce Site

 We are currently working to create an easy way for you to use Cart32 to list and sell products on your Facebook page through an application. In the mean time we thought it would be helpful to provide some tips for you to use now on your Facebook page to help you increase interaction and boost sales! 


Create a Sense of Community
Share local news and provide information on your Facebook page that is relevant to your community. Your posts should not be exclusively self promotion, rather, Facebook is a place where people share stuff they think is cool or important and your business page should do the same.


Have Quality Content
Headlines are important to capture attention and this is often the first step in the sales process. Writing something funny or eye catching can get a lot of feedback and get you seen. Facebook is a rich multimedia ecosystem and nothing quite captures the attention like a high quality and iconic image.


Offer Specials
One of the main reasons people ‘like’ brands is so that they can receive specials; see above about keeping them around. People like to feel special, oblige them by offering promotions, discounts and sales that are exclusive to your Facebook fans and they’ll keep coming back for more.


Get Feedback
E-commerce relationships are a two-way street, and your fans provide a great resource in helping shape your Facebook presence. Ask them directly how you can improve that presence and employ the best ideas, if they’re feasible. This can only add to the quality of your relationships with fans.


Incorporate Facebook into Customer Service
Supplement your existing customer service options through Facebook. Allow customer product reviews on your wall. Encourage fans to share their shopping experience with you. If the experience is a good one, thank them. If there is an issue, address the problem on your wall and offer a solution. By providing full transparency, you’re signaling to current and potential customers your commitment to their satisfaction. A first-time visitor to your Facebook store and fan page who sees you properly addressing a customer complaint will feel much better about doing business with you.


Facebook pages and all of social media should eliminate some of the formality in communication between costumers and businesses by creating personal interactions.  These positive interactions can create lasting memories for those being engaged and those observing that could lead to sales for you!


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