Google AdWords for your Ecommerce Site

 Google. This company seriously does everything… Search Engine, Email, Social Media, Advertising, and the list can go on and on. One thing for sure is Google is everything to an internet business. If you have tried to stay away from Ad Words or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then I have one thing to say – GET ON THE BANDWAGON! Google is not going to go away, so make sure that your business is taking advantage of what they have to offer. 


What are Google Ad Words?
One of the easiest ways for your business to get recognized by Google is to purchase their pay-per-click advertising called Google Ad Words. Google Ad Words has an algorithm it uses to display your ad when the searcher enters your specific keywords. For example, go to and type in Blue Sweatshirt. You will see that Google bolds Blue Sweatshirt in each return. The key to successfully using Google Ad Words is coming up with good keywords…


What exactly is a Keyword?
A keyword is what you will use to describe your product and/or business. Keywords are important because this is how potential customers will be able to find you on the internet. Using the example above I am looking for a Blue Sweatshirt, but there are multiple different types of sweatshirts that fall under the category of Blue Sweatshirt. Searching for more specific words will help narrow down the playing field.


For example, let’s search the following terms:
Blue Sweatshirt: 25 million results returned


If I add in a keyword of HOODED, then my search gets more specific:
Blue Hooded Sweatshirt: 9.2 million results


And if I add in another key word of with UNC, then my search gets even more specific:
Blue Hooded Sweatshirt with UNC: 509,000 results


How do I decide on what keywords to use?
Deciding on what keywords to use can be difficult. However, there are some helpful tools available to assist you in figuring out keywords for your business. Google and many other organizations have software that will give you the statics on keywords. (Click here to see Google’s Keyword tool). Most of the “keyword graders” will show you the same information: Competition, Global Searches, and Local Monthly Searches. What you want to find are keywords that are not highly competitive. It is easy to get overwhelmed with returns on Google Searches, so take some time (maybe a lot of time) and figure out what searches will get you higher on Google’s return, but with less popular keyword searches. 


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