Google Apps for your Ecommerce Site

Google Apps is a free service that allows your business to run smoother by consolidating daily tasks such as email management, document management, and your calendar all into one suite.  The free version of Google Apps allows you to create up to 10 custom user accounts per domain with the ability to upgrade to more accounts for a low monthly fee. Let’s take a look at some of the services provided by Google Apps.


With 7627MB of storage space per user account (and growing), excellent spam filtering, and an easy to use web interface, Gmail is a great choice of email management for your business.  Don’t let the Gmail name confuse you, as you will be able to keep your domain name so that email will be sent from instead of


Keeping track of your daily tasks has never been easier.  Google’s calendar app can send you email or SMS notifications whenever you need to be reminded about something you need to do in the future. Need to share your calendar with a colleague?  No problem!  You can choose who can and cannot see your calendar and events with the click of a button.


Looking for a free alternative to Microsoft office?  Google’s got it with Google Docs.  Docs can be used to draft any normal word document or spreadsheet and easily share it with others, either inside or outside of the organization.


Google Sites is a very easy way to make information accessible to anyone who needs quick, up-to-date access. You can add file attachments, information from other Google apps, and other content as easy as editing a document and selecting who has access to it. You can even publish your Site to the world.


Google has really put together an awesome suite of software that is guaranteed to increase your businesses productivity.  Click here to get started!

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