Google Tools for your Ecommerce Site Part 2

We’ve talked about it before; Google is one of the leading service companies out there. What’s better is that they offer most of these services for free. This makes their tools not only powerful, but economical as well. What better way to increase your site traffic through SEO than by using free SEO tools from the largest search engine company in the world?! Below you will find a list of four Google tools that we haven’t talked about before to help you better your site traffic ultimately increase your number of buyers!


Google Site Map
Google Site Map allows you to create an XML site map for Google, which lets the search giant know exactly which pages are on your site. It takes the guesswork out of their crawlers and tells them exactly where to go to find specific metadata or content.


Google Website Optimizer
Google Website Optimizer allows you to increase the value of your existing websites and traffic. What this will do is allow you to create new content / design alternatives for use in an A/B test. The website optimizer will then show these alternatives to your visitors and track which ones lead to the highest conversions allowing you to implement the best fit for your site.


Google Page Speed
Google Page Speed allows you to enter your site on to Google, have them run speed tests for load times, and then provides suggestions to decrease (speed up) the time it takes to load your site. If you’ve ever had someone complain that your site was too slow, then this is the tool to get you back in their favorite’s list. Not only is it good for your customers, but it allows you to learn certain tips / tricks to help with new pages or sites.


Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools show you how Google crawls and indexes your site. This allows you to find out what problems Google (and potentially other search engines) might be having indexing / accessing specific parts of your site. It can also tell you which search terms bring in traffic to your site, essentially showing how your customers are arriving on your site. Finally, this allows you to submit the sitemaps you created above.

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