Hidden Jewels of Cart32 Part 2

As Jason discussed before, Cart32 is an extremely powerful ecommerce platform with many different features to fit your every need.  He talked about a few of the “Hidden Jewels of Cart32” which are great features that not many clients know about. I’m going to expand on that list with a few of the more “technical” hidden features that provide your shopping cart a LOT of power and freedom, especially with the 2012 Holiday Season coming up.


Status Emails

One of the most important things about running an online business is to keep the information flowing. Enabling Status Emails allows you to keep your customers in the know about the status of an order. Cart32, by default, comes with four statuses: In Process, Shipped, Back Ordered, and Cancelled. You can, however, add as many different statuses as you want via the Settings > Orders Screen. With Status Emails you can set up an automated email to be sent out when you change an order to a specific status. For example, if you marked an order as “Shipped”, the cart would automatically send out an email with the tracking number, URL, and service used. To set these up, you will need to go to Orders > Status Emails and edit them there.


In Page Pop-Up

Cart32 has provided you with some code that you can add on your site to keep customers in your product pages more, and on the checkout pages less. This is known as the in page pop-up (Store and Pages > In Page Pop-Up). What this does is it brings up a pop-up window on your product pages that adds the items to the cart without leaving their current page. Within the pop-up, they can choose to continue to checkout, or to continue shopping. The less page loads your customer has to do, the more likely they’ll complete their purchase. Complete implementation instructions can be found within your web administration.


Run External Script

This is probably the most versatile feature of the cart, but it is also the most technical. With this feature you can export specific order details to an external script (e.g. PHP, ASP, etc.) and then use these order details to perform some function. The possibilities of this are literally only limited by what your programmer can create. I’ve seen people use this tool to generate their own HTML Confirmation Emails, to update an external database with customer information, and to decrement their inventory that they use to build their sites. Those are just some of the most common examples, though. If you want more information on our external script, or if you would like to talk with a developer about what we can build you with it, please fill out the following development request form.

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