Hidden Jewels of Cart32

Cart32 is a powerful shopping cart solution for anyone looking to start or improve their eCommerce business.  The cart has many features, some of which go unnoticed or underutilized.  In this article I will go over some of the “hidden jewels” of Cart32.


Gift certificates

I’ve seen many of our clients use discounts and discount codes to promote their sites and products.  I have not, however, seen many using our Gift Certificate feature.   Using gift certificates is a great way to expose your site to others.  People that frequent your site may buy a gift certificate for a loved one, which will drive that person to your site.  That person may find that they like your products and may return to purchase more from you in the future.


The great part of this feature is that it is easy to set up and works much like discount codes do.  Each gift certificate will have a unique code that can either be auto generated or created by you.  When the customer wants to redeem their gift certificate, all they need to do is enter that unique code during checkout.  You can either add gift certificates individually or if you have a lot of gift certificates, you can do a mass import of gift certificates.


Digital Content

Another feature that the cart has but isn’t used very often is the Auto Download feature.  This feature is for those sites that have digital media for sale.  With the Auto Download feature you can automate the process of getting that media to your paying customers.  There are three different options of sending out the auto download email.  You can set it to manual, which requires you to click a link within the cart administration to send the email; you can set it to send the link once the credit card is approved, which will send the email when the customer’s credit card is approved; or you can set it to send the email on all orders, which will send the email out regardless of the approval status.


Avalara Tax Service

First off, let me state that I am no tax expert, nor do I ever want to be,  but sales tax is a necessary evil.  No one likes to pay taxes and business owners hate figuring taxes out. However, Cart32 integrates with a tax service they can alleviate many of your tax worries.  Enter Avalara’s AvaTax.  AvaTax takes all the hassle out of figuring out how to charge tax. To utilize this service you will need an account with Avalara.  They have many different competitive pricing tiers to match the volume and tax complexity of your particular business.  If you have an account with them, Cart32 only needs a few bits of information to tie into your account and help you take a big sigh of relief. Check out Chris’s blog on AvaTax for more information.


So there you have it, a few features of the cart that sometimes sneak under the radar.  Login and take a look at these features.  I’m sure that you can find a way to integrate at least one of these features with your current eCommerce site.


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