Holiday Recovery for Your Ecommerce Site

 January, February, and March can be scary times for many retailers as they often experience declines after the holiday season. Don’t let the plateau get you down or think that it is time to take a break. There are many online shoppers still seeking great deals and you may have just what they want in your inventory. Below are some tips on how you can keep generating sales even after the holiday season. 


Push accessories:
You see it on many online retailers’ sites now and that is because it works. Amazon has mastered the suggestive selling but you certainly don’t need their advanced algorithms to make suggestions to your customers. Indentify items that pair well together and follow up with your customer about these. This is also a great time to be providing a genuine thank you and have some personal interaction with your customers that can generate a long term profitable relationship.


Continue or start charitable efforts:
The holiday season is often described as the season for giving and many businesses capitalize on this by partnering with a charity. We have mentioned this before but seeing these partnerships through is important. It will only be a detriment to your business (and the charity) if you apply this tactic only as a gimmick, your customers will see it. Charitable efforts can establish an enormous amount of goodwill that will help you build a community.


Good people are important:
You’ve made it through your busy season, how did your staff do? You may find yourself with the time to assess those you are working with. Did some people shine during the madness? If so, empower them to get creative during this slow time. Having good people is crucial, especially in ecommerce where your business is open 24/7.


Returns and retention:
Your return policy should always be clearly displayed. No matter what the season, customers will feel more comfortable in purchasing if they know exactly what they are getting into. This is also a great time to continue building your retention efforts. Follow-up emails and phone calls can be used to say thanks and encourage customers to interact. Providing reviews, testimonials, encouraging customers to post photos of the products you sell in real environments. Ultimately, this is a great time to build a foundation that can be used to convert more shoppers in 2012.


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