Holiday Shipping Deadline on your Ecommerce Site

 Christmas is fast approaching. Customers are frantically shopping trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone. With that in mind, customers NEED to know the last day you can / will ship out their item to make it in time for the Holidays. This can bring in new customers since they won’t have to guess whether or not they have time to order from you or not. 


First and foremost, there should be a banner somewhere on your website that shows the Holiday Order deadline. You can couple this with a countdown to Christmas to add a little festiveness to your site. This guarantees that every single visitor has a chance to see / know your deadlines for the holidays.


Vance has talked many times about transparency with your company through social media. Advertising through these platforms definitely provides you with direct access to your customer base, so what better way to advertise your last ship date than through Twitter or Facebook? Make it seem like they forgot to shop on your site, or that they were putting it off. A simple update saying “Remember, the 16th is the last day to get your orders by Christmas!” is all you need to both promote your site and give customers that since of security with their orders before that date.


Another way to promote your last ship by date is through an email blast. In Cart32, you can go to the Users > List Users tab to create an email list of all your previous customers. You want to let as many people know as possible what day is the last day for them to order from you.


This can also create a “gotta have it” effect on your site. When people know they are running out of time to get something, they feel more compelled to buy it sooner rather than later. Customers will appreciate your openness and how much you appreciate their holiday business.


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