How-To: Auto Download and Admin Users

How To Auto Download and Admin UsersI’m going to write about a few features of Cart32. These aren’t brand new features or anything; just a few features that I think aren’t used as much. It could be that there isn’t a big need for them, or people just don’t know much about them. So I’m going to kind of fill “ya’ll” in on how these work. These two features are the Auto Download and Admin Users.

The Auto Download feature can be found in Shopping Cart > Auto Download of your cart administration. This feature will let you let you sell media files. For example, if you wanted to sell a song or even a .pdf file. If you wanted to use this feature you would, of course, have to set the radio button to yes. You have three options to decide on when the customer can obtain the file. You can send them the file manually, when the credit card is approved, or automatically after the order is complete regardless of the order being approved or denied.


You can send this media file as a link or actually send the media file as an attachment in the email. There is an option that you can make use of that will set the link to expire, if you choose to go this route, after a certain amount of time. The next step is to add the Auto Download file. Once you have clicked on that link to add another, a window will open. You will need to assign the file to a part or product number as well as specify the location of the file. This can be a local file (hosted on our servers if we host your cart) or a file located at a specific URL.


The next feature I want to talk about is the Admin Users feature. This is located at Settings > Admin Users of the cart administration. Here you can set up users within your own account. You can allow them to see or not see specific things. As an example, maybe you have an accountant and you only want them to see the orders screen so that they don’t accidently alter a shipping method. If that is the case for you, then you may want to check this out.

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