How-To: Increase the Speed of Information Flow

cart32 increasing speed of information flowOne of the biggest issues with online shopping carts and the ecommerce sites that are attached to them is speed. Now, we’re not talking site load times right now, we’re talking about the speed of gathering and giving information to and from customers. Well, with Cart32, there are two simple to implement ways that you can increase the speed of the checkout process as well as giving information to your customers: One Page Checkout and Real Time Card Processing.

One Page Checkout

One Page Checkout is one of the newest features of Cart32 that came along with v8.0 back in 2012. This awesome feature allows you to present the customer with all the information you will need to collect from them, such as billing info, shipping info, payment info, and then with that information it allows them to choose their shipping, calculate their tax, and apply their discounts or gift certificates without leaving that page. It’s a great way to shorten the information gathering process to get your customers in and out of your checkout as quickly as possible.


Real Time Card Processing

The ability to accept credit cards is probably one of the most important tools to an online business. Cart32 offers Merchant Services to clients that will integrate with our proprietary Payment Gateway so that they can collect funds, process refunds, and authorize cards right within your web administration. However, this is only half of the puzzle. You can accept the funds through the cart, but you can also tell your customer within seconds of them placing their order whether or not it was approved!


I know when I check out on a site, I want to know as soon as possible if my card was approved. This is a great customer service tool as it lowers the number of calls you may receive about an order. If you don’t have a merchant services account, why not?! It’s one of the best things you can do for your business, and Cart32 can offer you great rates for our service! If you already have a merchant account, why not integrate it with a payment gateway that works with Cart32 so you can tell your customers if their order was approved seconds after they click “Submit Order”!?

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