Importance of Easy Website Navigation

I don’t know about you, but one of my greatest pet peeves when shopping online is when I can’t easily move around the website. It’s important to understand that customers don’t like diving through websites, looking through every nook and cranny to find exactly what they want. No, they much prefer being able to load up your site, find what they need, and check out as quickly as possible. I know for me personally, I have searched for other sites that allow me to find what I want when I want it. So, online business owners of the world, here are a few reasons I feel it is important to have easy site navigation:


  • Increased Click Through Rate (CTR)
    Now, CTR is more or less an online advertising term, but I feel it portrays what I’m trying to say better than anything. Instead of looking at click through as the effectiveness of an ad campaign, think of it as the effectiveness of your site: a successful click through produces a sale on your site. If people are able to find what they want faster, they are more likely to purchase. Alternatively, if they can’t find what they want right away, they will search for other websites that allow them to find their desired product.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization
    I know, you’re probably tired of us relating back to SEO, but honestly, I feel it’s one of the most important success factors for a website. If your site has easy to follow navigation, including category pages, product pages, and helpful links (all of which can be easily done in Store32, Cart32’s integrated storefront builder), the search engine spiders I’ve talked about in the past are able to index your site quicker and easier, which gives you a higher ranking in searches.
  • Better Web Site Tracking
    Many websites today use tools like Google Analytics to track the traffic on their website. Seeing where customers tend to go on their site allows them to tailor different sales to different customer needs. With an easy-to-navigate ecommerce site, you will get better tracking results as people aren’t mindlessly clicking around on your site trying to find what they want. Rather, they are more focused on where they are going on your site.


Those are just three reasons why having simple website navigation is so important, and those aren’t even from the standpoint of a customer! Just imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes (or…computer chair?) when you’re roaming around on your site. It might be easy for you to find things easily because, you know, you built the site, but is it easy for others to find specific products on a site? When designing your ecommerce site, always remember to look at your site from the customer’s standpoint.

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