Importance of Managing Customer Requests/Questions

 Communication is key when it comes to closing the deal on a sale. Since our business is geared to e-commerce customers it is important for all of you to understand the importance of answering questions and/or requests as soon as possible. When shopping online the prices are competitive, but the major difference between you and your competitor can be your ability to communicate. There are four basic forms of communication for an online business. 


1.) Phone
Every company should have a phone number available to receive phone calls from their clients. If you are a one man shop it can be difficult to have time to answer phone calls, but this is important. Customers want to know that they have an option to contact you when they have a question. List your available hours on your website and also have an outgoing message that lets customers know when you are available for phone calls and how long it will take for their call to be returned.


Website Example:
Cart32 Office Hours
Monday – Friday8am – 5pm
Phone: 417-865-1283

Outgoing Message Example:
Thank you for calling Cart32. All available staff members are currently working with another customer or you have reached us after hours. Cart32’s office hours are 8 am to 5pm Monday – Friday. All messages received during business hours will be returned on the same day. If this message is left after hours we will return the phone call on the next business day.


2.) Email
Email correspondence has become the way that most businesses communicate. As a company Cart32 feels it is very important to return emails as quickly as possible. This is a good rule to follow, however, if you are unavailable to return emails during traditional business hours set up an email notice that lets your customers know when you will be able to respond to their email. This way they do not think that you are brushing them off.


Email Notice:
Thank you for your email! I will respond to all emails after 5pm CST.
Thank you for your patience! 


3.) Chat
Cart32 has utilized online chat for a number of years and our support staff loves this mode of communication! You are able to communicate much faster than email and sometimes more effective than communicating over the phone. Since most of our clients have questions regarding their shopping cart it is easy to transfer and receive different files. When talking on the phone and communicating about a certain page or product instead of describing how you got there you can just send the link and be on the right page. This is a very handy tool!


4.) Product Video
Over the past few years more and more websites are displaying their products with product videos. When implementing videos into your website you will be able to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding your products. This could help reduce customer questions and also give them a better understanding of the product.


Overall, communicating with your clients is one of the most important aspects of your business. I have been working with e-commerce businesses for close to two years now and there is one constant throughout each business and that is customers have questions. So make sure you are available and prepared to answer any all questions that come your way. Implementing a great communication strategy could be the difference between a sale and no sale.


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