Integrating Twitter with Your Ecommerce Site

Twitter is a great marketing tool used by many different ecommerce businesses. If you currently have a twitter account, it may be beneficial to pull in a twitter feed to your site. Lucky for you, twitter provides you a couple easy solutions to do just that. I know you’re asking yourself, “But Chris, how do I do that?” Well, that’s what I’m here to show you! Click on through to find out!


Profile Widget
This handy dandy Twitter feed pulls in your most recent tweets. This is great if you have customers that would like to follow your tweets, but aren’t sure what your twitter handle is. To install this, you will need to go to the “Profile Widget Page” on twitter and then follow these steps:

  1. Fill in your Twitter Username
  2. Click “Preferences” off to the left and set your preferences based on how you want the tool to act
  3. Click “Appearance” on the left and set the colors to match your site’s theme
  4. Set the size of your widget in the “Dimensions” menu
  5. Once you have all the settings how you want, click “Finish & Grab Code” to get the embed code for your site

    Tip: Clicking the Test Settings button at the bottom will show you all changes you’ve currently made


Faves Widget
If you’re using Twitter as a tool to give your company a face / personality, then the “Faves widget” might be for you. This is similar to the profile widget, except its feed is of tweets that you have starred as a favorite. To set this up, follow the following steps:

  1. Fill in your Username, a Title, and a Caption for your tool
  2. Set the preferences based on how you want the widget to act
  3. Change the colors of the widget under the appearance section
  4. Set the size of your widget
  5. Click “Finish & Grab Code” to get the embed code for your site


Embedding Specific Tweets
Twitter gives you the ability to post specific tweets on your site. This is beneficial if you want to reference a tweet you’ve made in the past on a blog post, product detail page, or any other page you may want. This also allows you to market your Twitter account a little more while bringing in relevant information about your company. To embed a tweet, follow these steps:

  1. Pick your tweet.
  2. “Expand” your tweet and click on “Details” – This will open a page that only contains that specific tweet.
  3. Click “Embed” for a dialog box that contains your embed code for the tweet
  4. Place this tweet somewhere on your site


There you have it! Three great ways to integrate your site with Twitter.

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