Joomla! and Cart32 Integrations

Cart32 is pushing into the realm of content management systems with our ecommerce shopping cart software. Specifically, we are pushing heavily into the Joomla! market. To give you a little insight on Joomla! and it’s abilities, I figured I would “interview” (read: force to answer questions) the developer in charge of creating some exciting new things with Joomla! and Cart32! The developer: Beau Brown


What are the benefits of using a Content Management System (CMS), namely, Joomla!?
There are many benefits to using a CMS, in general a CMS will allow you to add and manage the content on your website with the click of a button. Joomla! specifically provides users with a vast amount of power and control for their website. One of the greatest benefits is the wide range of free plug-ins, components, and modules.          

Why Joomla! over the other options (WordPress, Drupal)?
Joomla! is today’s CMS. It offers all of the functionality and control that a modern CMS should. Joomla! allows users to easily build large scale websites without web development skills or custom programming. 


What are the benefits of using Cart32 with Joomla!?
Joomla! offers a very robust set of features right out of the box, giving users the functionality of a modern website while keeping costs low. This just enhances the abilities of Cart32 by allowing you to easily add products that will add to the shopping cart without having to hire a specialized developer.

What are you working on for Joomla! and Cart32 integrations?
Currently the Cart32 development team is working on a plug-in to integrate a component called K2 with Cart32. K2 allows you to add content forms for items, categories, sub categories, tags for searches, and many more fields. This plug-in will allow users to add “add to cart” functionality to their K2 items.


Our team is also working to develop a full scale product management system component, which will allow users to add, update, and delete products.


So there you have it, folks. Straight from the developers mouth. We expect to have these exciting new features available soon, so keep your eyes open!


Update: We now have our very own Joomla! Component and Plugin! Please use the following links to download them! You will need all three to have the full integration with Cart32!

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