Joomla! for your Ecommerce Site

 So you’ve heard us talking about Joomla!: the content management system that we have broken into and created our own component and plug-in for. We’ve talked about the benefits of using a CMS like Joomla! or WordPress for your ecommerce site. While most of you have likely heard of WordPress, you may be wondering, “What in the world is Joomla!?” Well my friend, that’s what I’m here to tell you about. 


As mentioned before, Joomla! is a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to create pages quickly and easily all to a custom theme. What sets Joomla! apart from the others is it’s community and flexibility.


Geeks absolutely love Joomla! I’m not saying that to be offensive, because they are my brethren and I’m speaking for them when I say that. If you have any issue, the community for Joomla! is eager to help you get back on your feet. You’ll find forums, training, videos, documentation, and so much more just about how you can fix your issues, or enhance your site altogether.


Stemming off of the great and expansive community, you get the CMS’s flexibility.  People are constantly looking for ways to improve their sites, and what’s better is that they love to share what THEY create with you. So not only do you get expansive support, but a never ending fountain of features and components that can help you make your site specific to your overall needs. No more give and take!


Joomla! is easy to use, easy to learn, and intuitive. Not to mention the speed and power. You can create a full scale custom site as fast as your fingers can type the content. It really is that easy. Couple that with the never ending library of components and the widespread community and you’ve got yourself an amazing tool to build, customize, and maintain an ecommerce site.



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