Keeping Communication Open with Ecommerce Customers

 We’ve talked about it before. You want to keep your customers informed of the “haps” on your site. This can be done through many, many, many, many (you get the idea) different times before, but this is such an important topic for ecommerce business owners, that we feel the need to hit on it one more time. So you may be asking, “Chris! How do I consistently communicate with my customers?!” Well, here are a few ways that you can master such a skill. 


Email Marketing
Probably one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with your customers is to send out monthly, bimonthly, or seasonal emails with news, deals, or updates in the catalog. We’ve talked about email marketing before, so much so that we have a special blog “tag” for it. This can be extremely helpful to marketing your company. If someone sees a deal that they like in their email, they’re likely to forward it to other friends with similar interests.


Social Media
This isn’t really my area of expertise, but Vance has covered the benefits of maintaining communication through the social media channels. Having a more transparent and open business like feel in the social media realm can make potential buyers more comfortable with your company and it’s practices.


Your Website
Not all communication is done by you reaching out to the customer. Some, actually…most, of this is done by the customer reaching your site to find something they want. Because of this, you want your site to be easily navigated and your home page to be chalk full of appropriate news, products, blogs, and company information. You want your customers to come to your site and know exactly what you’re all about without having to dig deep into your site.


Snail Mail
I know, you may think “I’m an online business, why would I want to engage people through physical channels?” Well, you just answered your question. In this day and age, the 30 and below demographic doesn’t receive nearly as much mail as the 30 and above demographic. For me personally, I get excited with new mail. It peaks interest, makes me consider that company a little more. Leveraging on something outside of the norm (the norm being emails and social media) can prove very beneficial to your communication efforts!

So there you have it. These aren’t set in stone rules that will give you perfect communication with every customer every time, but they are good guidelines for you to push to have an open flow of communication with your customer base.


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