Leveraging Social Media Feedback to Your Advantage

 Ever wonder what people are saying about your business online? It may scare you to think that one bad exchange with a customer could lead to an outbreak of chatter online because they took to their Twitter or Facebook account and slammed your business. The good news is you can join the conversation to bring your side of the story and try to correct the issues.  People will appreciate your active engagement and attempts to correct wrong doings.  Below are some simple ways you can indentify folks talking about your business and its products. 


  • Use Google Alerts to create a daily, weekly, or monthly update for your business. Place the title of your business in quotes like “Cart 32”. This will provide you updates on more “formal” mentions on the web such as blog posts, reviews, news articles, etc.
  • Something very similar to Google Alerts but entirely focused on social media mentions is Social Mention. You can manually search for your business or products or set up e-mail reports.
  • You should make it a habit to regularly search consumer review sites for your brand (Yelp, Forums related to your business, Google Reviews)
  • Invite feedback on your platforms.  Sure you can flood your pages and accounts with your message, but it is also important to encourage your customers to use those places to provide feedback.
  • Try to showcase your feedback.  Are people tweeting at you how much they love your business or products? Do you have some great reviews on Yelp, Facebook, or Google places? Find a way to show other people the great things that are being said about you, and more importantly where others can do the same.  You can do this simply through creating a screen shot and showcasing it on your site or using one of the many existing programs to have a live feed of interactions on your site.


Monitoring social chatter through various platforms gives your business unfiltered feedback from consumers at a scale and speed unavailable through traditional methods such as surveys and focus groups. None of this availability matters, though, if you are not encouraging your customers to use it and then responding appropriately.  


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