Live Chat on your Ecommerce Site

We talk about it over and over again but customer service should always be on your mind when it comes to your eCommerce business.  When we think customer service we usually think of prompt friendly responses to customer inquires via phone or email.  But more and more sites are using Live Chat services, that allow you to talk to your customers directly on your website via instant message.


We talk about offering options.  Having a live chat service offers yet another option for customers.  Some customers like the convenience of a live chat service.  Others, like myself, can put their thoughts better in words.  More detailed information on a customer’s issues is always a good thing because it leads to a quicker answer to a customer’s request.


There are many options out there for a live chat solution for your eCommerce website.  Some of these solutions are free, while others come at a monthly or yearly cost.  If you are looking into a live chat solution to your website, the most important thing to remember is what will fit your business’ needs.  Below you find a list of a few free services as well as some paid services.



Online Chat Centers

Some features include a free knowledgebase, canned responses, customizable chat windows, and visitor information and geo-location.


BoldChat Free

Some features include a pre chat survey, canned messages, offline email capture form, and floating chat button.



Kayako Engage ($29/month per user)

Cart32  uses a form of this system on our site.  Kayako Engage allows end-of-chat survey, knowlegebase, supports multiple languages, and allows for chat routing, to name a few.


Live Person Pro ($109/month per concurrent user)

Live Person allows click to chat buttons, integrates with Google Analytics, create groups based off skill, and offers 24/7 online support.


These are only a few of the many options available to you.  But, integrating some sort on live chat system will help with your customer service and also increase your sales rate.

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