Maintaining Ecommerce Sales: Post-Holidays

 As Vance had mentioned in our last blog post, the months following the Holiday Season can be some of the slowest of the year. In order to combat the slow times, he provided some ways to continue revamping / building up your business to stay prepared and keep sales up. One of the most commonly used ways to keep sales higher post-Holidays is to have an “Inventory Blowout” sale. Whether you have too much inventory or not, it’s always a good idea to offer great deals on those accessories that Vance suggested you started pushing. 


Some common “Inventory Blowouts” include a percentage off certain categories or even all sales. This is easily done with Cart32, but you want to make sure the percentage off you give is still enough to cover most of your costs while still being competitive enough to drive return sales. As Jada has said in the past, return customers account for a good chunk of your overall sales.


As far as advertising goes, it’s always a good to suggestively sell. If you have accessories to your top selling product, make a discount specifically for that. Not only will it enhance their product that they purchased, but it will also enhance their brand loyalty to you as their supplier for that product’s needs. Also with advertising, it’s always a good idea to instill a sense of urgency. Make the customer feel like they need to purchase these great deals right away as if the items / sales won’t last forever.


Pushing this kind of sale on your site is a great way to get yourself through the “slow months”, all the while providing funding for any new endeavors (site design, merchant services, etc.) your business might be taking with the New Year!


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