Making your Ecommerce Site Ready for All Viewers

Smart phones and tablets and TVs, OH MY! Ok, so cliché-ness of the first sentence aside, you really do need to look at technology in perspective. Smart phones are no longer a luxury but instead are a necessity. Tablets have taken off better than anyone could have imagined. TVs are moving from just being TVs and Movies to more of an all encompassing entertainment experience, including streaming video, games, social media integrations, and even internet browsing. You can also bet that where you find internet browsing you’ll be sure to find ecommerce. It’s important to look at how each of your customers may be viewing your site. 


I know we’ve talked about this a little bit before, but this will be a more in depth look into each of the technologies I listed above:


Smart Phones
You can’t even walk down the street without seeing someone talking on their new Droid or streaming video on their iPhone. In fact, around 46% of American adults owned a smartphone in 2011, and comScore projects that there will be over 100 million smart phone users in 2012. So what does that mean for your site? Well, one of two things: creating a mobile site, or designing your site to be mobile “friendly”. Creating a completely new version of your site specifically for a smart phone is definitely an investment in the future, but can bring about great rewards. However, if you don’t have the funds to build a completely new site, you can always make your site more mobile friendly.


Picture yourself loading your site on a smart phone. Better yet, load your site up on a smart phone and see what you like about it and what you don’t. Find it easy to navigate? Too many categories for fat fingered customers? This is the exact thing you need to think about when you’re reviewing your site design for mobile customers. You want to have big “add to cart buttons”, simple yet concise text, and categories that can easily be chosen. Less is more in the mobile world.


You also want to review your checkout process. Are there too many fields? Do you constantly have to scroll side to side to view all of the information? The greatest thing about Cart32 is the ability to design your checkout to meet your needs.


Tablets took off WAY better than anyone had expected. According to a report from the research firm IDC, tablet sales increased 155% in the fourth quarter of 2011 as compared to the fourth quarter of 2010. Designing your site for tablets is easier than for smart phones. There is much more screen space to inhabit, but you still don’t have all the functionality you would have on a desktop/laptop. That’s what you need to think about. Finger taps over mice clicks. Don’t bog your site down in interactive designs that may not work or even load on touch screens. Again, keep it simple, keep it easy, and you’ll see the results you want.


TVs are kind of like the little engine that could. They consistently get better, yet they’ve been around longer than most other forms of entertainment / media. Now they have internet?! Crazy, right? Well, think of your TV at home. Is it HD? Does it have internet capabilities? If you answered yes to both of those questions, use that information to create a beautiful high def site. Increase your image quality to look great on your HDTV. You have much more space to work with, so make sure your images aren’t low quality that is passable on a smaller monitor, tablet, or phone.


These are all suggestions. What you do with your site is solely up to you. I urge you to consider these devices when designing / redesigning your site. If you need any help getting some new site implemented, though, we have a fantastic team of developers at Cart32 that can assist you in any way possible.


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