Minimizing Lost Packages on your Ecommerce Site

minimizing lost packages on your ecommerce siteSo a major concern to all online retailers is making sure the products sent out get to the intended destination.  However, many times packages can get lost in transit, or at least reported that way.  I’m sure that most online retailers have had to deal with this at one point or another, you know, when a customer claims that their package never arrived.   Sometimes this claim could be legitimate, however, other times it could be the customer trying to scam you.  The issue is that you’ll never know for sure whether it’s true or not so you have to treat all claims in the same professional manner.  Practical eCommerce has a great article about what you can do about minimizing “lost” deliveries.  I will cover some of the high points below.

Package Tracking

One way to know with absolute certainty that your package arrived is to track your packages.  Tracking packages will cost you more to ship, but having the ability to go back and look at a record showing the package being delivered will help you.  Now, obviously, tracking all packages may not be economically feasible for many online businesses. However, tracking higher priced items or items with a higher profit margin would benefit from being tracked to help with these types of claims.  Take a look at what you sell and see what would benefit from being tracked to their destination and what items would not.


Communicate with the Customer

Keep a dialogue with the customer.  Depending on the time the package was sent, like the holiday season for example, packages can be delayed due to the sheer mass of packages being sent and received during that period.  Ask to the customer to wait an additional amount of time to see if the package arrives.  Of course, those that are out there to scam you will retort with some excuses.  But there is not much you can do, which leads to my last point.


Refunding or Replacing

These types of claims have one of three ways of ending, the customer receives their package, you either refund or replace the lost package, or the customer could issue a chargeback.  Most likely than not if it is a ledgidimet claim, the customer will just want a replacement, however, sometimes they will just want their money back if it is a time sensitive issue.  If it is a scammer asking, most likely they will want a refund.  Either way you will have to oblige as a chargeback will end up costing you more money in the long run.  This is why I would recommend keeping track of all your lost packages claims and see if you can figure out any type of pattern to these types of claims.  By recognizing a pattern you can better help yourself determine wither to continue to ship to a particular customer, country or other region where you are noticing that this type of claim happens often.


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