Mobile Friendly Checkout Pages

Going back roughly 5 years ago, websites generally needed only one layout that worked on a desktop computer. Now, in order for the website to seem up to date, there needs to be both a desktop version and mobile version. Lacking either of these will make the website seem out of place if accessed on the device it’s not designed to be used on.

Mobile web browsing has grown greatly over the years, even to the point where since 2014 the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users. This is important because if there is a higher chance of someone accessing your website via their mobile device, the site should be mobile friendly. If the site is not mobile friendly, and it is used on a mobile device, there is a possibility of the person not wanting to return as it wasn’t visually appealing or the functions of the site did not work properly on their device.
Fortunately Cart32 offers a couple solutions to this problem. The first solution is having one of our developers work on transforming your website into a mobile friendly site. Get a quote from one of our developers by calling either 417-865-1283 or emailing

The second solution is a free solution that will allow you to enable the checkout pages into being mobile friendly. Just follow these easy steps to enabling it. Begin by logging into your Cart32 account. Once in, there will be a drop down on the left that says “Mobile” with a subsection of “Mobile Checkout.” Once you have clicked “Mobile Checkout,” you will need to check the box that says “Use Mobile Checkout for mobile devices” and then click save. Now, your checkout pages are mobile friendly.

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