Partner Profile: Avalara

 Setting up tax rates and deciding whether or not a client should charge tax is one of the hardest things we have to help clients with at Cart32. Simply put, the need to charge tax for an order is different for literally every client we have. Some states have set tax rules, some states let the counties and cities decide. Figuring out exactly what you need to tax and how much is a problem that can only be solved by calling a tax accountant in your geographic area. To combat this headache, Cart32 has teamed up with Avalara tax service integration in our upcoming release of Cart32 v8.0. 


How Avalara works is simple. The customer goes through the checkout process on your website as normal. They enter in their billing and shipping information, and the order is completed. Normally, the billing and shipping information is used to charge tax on an item either by a tax grid set up on the State, City, Zip Code, or County, or by a flat fee set up in the cart.


This is where AvaTax for Cart32 comes into play. Rather than setting up your own tax rates within the cart, the customers billing and shipping information is passed on to Avalara to calculate the exact amount of tax that you should charge.  AvaTax will also provide address validation functionality for the ship-to address to make sure it matches the format that USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL all use.


It’s that simple! With AvaTax for Cart32 in our v8, we hope to ease the burden of tricky tax tables and local rate changes. It all becomes automated and makes your transaction that much easier for you to process, especially with the verification of shipping addresses.




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