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 There aren’t many solutions out there that are a ‘win-win’ for merchants and buyers alike. Typically a service will benefit one party over the other and someone will get the short end of the stick. However, when it comes to e-commerce, the folks at buySAFE have found a way to make everybody happy. 


buySAFE works like this:

  • On your checkout pages, a buySAFE Certified Merchant Seal will be displayed signaling to all of your shoppers that you are trustworthy and reputable, making them more likely to purchase from you.
  • The buySAFE button helps convert risk-averse shoppers by allowing them to guarantee their purchase with a bond.
  • Because their order is now bonded, the shoppers are confident in your business and are likely to make purchases from you again.


buySAFE will also pay you, the merchant, every time an order is made with a buySAFE bond. Not only are your customers happier and more likely to return, but you get paid by buySAFE for each purchase they make! A buySAFE Seal on a merchant’s Website or marketplace item listing indicates that the merchant has:

  • Passed the rigorous buySAFE Certification Process to ensure they are trustworthy and reliable
  • Agreed to allow buySAFE to continuously monitor their performance in every transaction
  • Qualified to guarantee their transactions with a bond from buySAFE and its surety partners — Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and ACE USA.


Cart32 is fully integrated with buySAFE and setup is a snap. Contact us at for more information!




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