Preparing your Ecommerce Site for the Holidays pt 2

 A week or two ago, I posted a blog introducing you to our “Christmas in July” theme all about preparing your ecommerce website for the impending holiday season. Well, the tinsel is hung, and the carolers are caroling (ok, not really); and that means it’s time for part two of my review of Sell It! On the Web’s post about getting your site prepared for the upcoming holiday season. So put the egg nog down, and prepare yourself for some good holiday preparation tips! 


We’ve already talked about topics such as removing roadblocks, customer support, product details, holiday deadlines, and product feeds, so now it’s time to finish out the list!

  • Update Your Product Catalog
    Make sure you let your customers know the availability of your products. If you’re running low on a certain product, let them know that supplies are limited. If you’re completely out, let customers know that it’s currently out of stock and whether or not you’ll get more in.

    Another idea is setting the product to multiple categories for cross-merchandising. If you have a baseball glove for sale, put it in “Gifts for Him”, “Sporting Goods”, and “Outdoor Activities”. That way it guarantees maximum exposure for the product.

  • Buying Guides, Best Sellers, and Hot Gift Ideas
    Tying into the last point, buying guides are a great way to help customers get ideas for their friends and family. Having a category labeled “Gift for ____” it will guide customers who don’t know exactly what they want. Also, on your homepage, have your best sellers present. If you know it’s a hot item, play off of that and make it more visible.
  • Consider A/B Testing and Landing Page Optimization
    This point in the blog suggests using a website optimizer to improve your click through rates. Google offers a free one which can be found here.
  • Use Creative Promotions to Drive Sales and Build Loyalty
    This can be done in any number of ways. Offer free shipping on orders over $100. Spend $50 get $10 back in a gift card.  Use discount codes in email blasts to see which coupons are used more. You can even try selling “pre-orders” to generate excitement for new products!
  • Start Leveraging Social Media
    I went into more detail about using Social Media to promote your site. So to keep this brief, there are three things to know about Social Media:  it’s free, there are millions of potential customers, and it’s easy to use (but still takes time).


So there you have it. Combined with part one we have a completed list of good starting points to get your website ready for the holidays. Again, these are starting points. Once you make your way through the list, don’t consider it done. There is always work to be done to promote your business. If you ever need help getting anything set up or have any questions about configurations, please contact us at Ok, back to your egg nog!




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