Preparing your Ecommerce Site for the Holidays

 Here at Cart32, we like to plan ahead for the future. It is now July, and Christmas is only 5 months away, so we figure it’s as good a time as any to start preparing your ecommerce website for the holiday season. So, in honor of that, we’re having a “themed” month of Christmas in July which will feature posts all about getting your business ready for the holidays and the increase in frantic customers trying to find the perfect gift. 


Having worked in retail, I know just how customers can get, so it’s always good to be prepared for what’s to come. To begin the journey of preparing for the holiday season, I thought we should start off with a little list of things to consider when managing your ecommerce site. I found a site (Sell It! On the Web) which listed off some great starting points for businesses to consider when getting ready for the “holiday rush”.

  • Remove All Your Site’s Roadblocks
    Make your site easy to navigate, have all your information readily available, including Contact Information and Return Policies. Nothing will ease a weary customer’s mind like the ability to contact the company they’re purchasing from.
  • Setup a Customer Support Plan
    Let’s face it, no one is perfect. Not all customers who purchase from you are going to be happy. What really makes or breaks the relationship between you and said customer is how you handle their unhappiness. We’ve talked about the marketing aspect of customer service as well as how to spin bad customer experiences. Just develop an action plan that works for your business.
  • Product Details and Descriptions
    For our long time blog post readers, you may remember when we talked about using videos for product descriptions. For you new blog readers, it was my personal first post, and it’s all about generating interest in your products in new ways. This included using videos in your descriptions in order to allow customer to know exactly what they’re purchasing.
  • Be Clear about Holiday Deadlines
    This is similar to the first point in that it’s telling you to make information readily available. However, due to certain shipping restrictions and everyone’s ultimate deadline for their holiday of choice, it deserves its own point. Make sure your customers know exactly when the last day is that they can purchase from you to get their package on time.
  • Setting Up Product Feeds
    This point, in my opinion, carries the least value. It’s about setting up your site with price comparison engines like Shopzilla, NexTag, and GoogleBase. It gets your product out in other venues, but it also allows customers to easily compare your prices with competitors.

The list is kind of long and I’ve only included half the points, but all the points are really good. So what I’m going to do is break it up into two separate posts, so be sure to keep an eye out for part two!


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